I have been giving this a lot of thought and I am still struggling with the recent news of the Kardashian/Humphries divorce.  I know that it’s been two weeks since the news got out, but I am on vacation and actually wrote this article a few days after the news broke. 

Generally, I don’t care much what other people do, so long as it doesn’t impact me directly and doesn’t harm anyone I know.  So if you want to drink until you can barely stand up staright and then wrap your car around a telephone pole, it doesn’t bother me one bit.  But if instead you take out a family of four, then it impacts me greatly and emotionally.

So with the Kardashian news, it boggles my mind why it is affecting me the way it is.  It isn’t impacting my life or the lives of my loved ones at all, so it should just be nothing more than office gossip and no further time should be spent dwelling on it.

But I have been struggling with my feelings on the subject, both as an attorney and as a father of two little girls.  What Kim Kardashian has done is deplorable and despicable and really upsets me.

First, the lawyer part of me.  The courthouse is a terrible place to be.  No one is ever happy being inside its halls for it means that your dispute could not be resolved without assistance of a man or woman in a black robe.  It means that you have spent thousands of dollars that, for all you know, could be for naught.  You have lost control of the situation and have had to resort to professional assistance.  And family court may be the worst because it is in those courtrooms where nothing is sacred; the dirty laundry is aired whenever and however in order to gain leverage on your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

I get it– I am there all the time and I understand it.  In some situations, court is the only option and it has its benefits.  But it also has significant drawbacks and should really not be taken lightly.  And it most definitely is not a game.

The Kardashian divorce after a mere 72 days shows a complete lack of regard for the court system, for the overcrowding in that court system, and the honest and hardworking individuals who every day pay good money for court intervention.  This divorce is nothing more than the game of checkers or Monopoly or Connect 4– wait, even better.  It is nothing more than the game of chess for her.  She is the queen, blockaded by all of her advisors and lackeys and she controls the board and directs the pawns.  The pawns who will have to go to court and undo the marriage and utilize precious court time and resources.  What a waste…

As a father of two girls, I am even more disgusted by what has transpired.  When I heard about the divorce, the first thing that leapt to mind was the question of what her father would say about this if he were still alive.  As you know, her father was a noteworthy attorney, one of OJ’s defenders, and very successful.  But he was still a father of little girls.  I am sure he envisioned a spectacular wedding for his daughter.  White dress, flowers, beautiful locations, surrounded by family and friends.

Kim sure got that, didn’t she?  But I think there is little doubt that she sold her soul for that “fairy-tale” wedding.  Instead of meeting Prince Charming and falling deeply in love, the groom was taken right out of central casting.  She never loved him.  I doubt she even really liked him.  Instead, she liked…

The money.  The attention.  The fame.  The 2-day E! special and the magazine covers and the radio interviews and all of the free crap that she got.  One could certainly say that she was doing nothing other than engaging in the oldest profession.

So what would her father have said?  What would I say if my daughter came to me and said she wanted to get married?  It is a long way away, but I hope that I will be able to give her my blessings, hope for the best, and wish her a lifetime of happiness and love.  I hope, though, that I wouldn’t have to question her motives for the wedding.

But Kim, like all of the celebrities who drink and drive and get arrested, steal from jewelry stores, do drugs, and hit camera people, lives in a different world from you or me.  She lives in a world where this type of behavior is not only acceptable, it is encouraged.  We put these people on pedestals and accept when they don’t act like normal human beings.

You know what?  They are just normal human beings.  We idolize them and give them free passes and laugh about their travails when we would treat our friends and family differently if they had similar disorders. 

Now, you can say, that this is no different than any of the Hollywood weddings that last for six weeks and I would say I agreed.  But for some reason I don’t take as much issue with the 6-week wedding following the Vegas elopment which followed the 24-hour romance as I do with the Kardashian wedding.  Part of the fun of being married is the courtship and the excitement of being in a new relationship.  People run off to Vegas all the time because they are caught up in the moment and for that moment are happier than they have ever been.

This wasn’t that.  This was a full-on orchestrated courtship followed by a long wedding planning process, followed by a multi-million dollar wedding, followed by 72 days of conjecture as to when the wedding would end.  This was nothing more than a sham and a ruse and a hoodwink and a con.

In all fairness, I actually feel sorry for Kim Kardashian.  Instead of looking for happiness, she looked for the buck.   And for some reason I cannot fully comprehend, it just bothers me…