You all know me pretty well by now and hopefully you can tell when I am being serious and when sarcasm is eking its way out of my pores.  Last week, which one do you think it was?

Well, if you think that I am truly promoting the benefits of laziness and inactivity, then maybe we need to meet more often so that you see through my humor.  That being said, this is my real New Year resolution, although I don’t really believe in resolutions.)  I really do believe that you don’t need a new year to spark the desire to make a change, any change.

The resolution came to me just last week, as my family was making the drive back from a weekend in Las Vegas.  It came from an unlikely source, my five-year old daughter.  And I am admitting it right now, it will be possibly the most difficult resolution ever conceived of.

As we were in hour 4 of our drive back (of what ended up being an 8-hour journey, when adding in traffic and meals and potty breaks (mostly for me) and some outlet shopping) Brooklyn, in her infinite wisdom and innocence, announced to the car and the world at large (or whoever was listening), that she had not had any fun that day.

You can well imagine my reaction.  Incensed is not a kind enough word.  Of course driving back from Las Vegas on the lonely two lane highway through the desert is not fun!  But didn’t we spend the day before at Circus Circus playing silly carnival games and increasing our stuffed-animal collection by 10?  I know that Las Vegas is not the vacation destination for a 5-year old, but it beats being stuck indoors, right?

But then it hit me and it hit me hard, something that I had forgotten since I became a grown up.  Life is supposed to be fun.  Life is not supposed to be a series of stressful interactions.  Life is to be enjoyed and cherished.  We shouldn’t go through the days looking forward to “when” it becomes enjoyable, some unidentifiable date in the future, that elusive “someday.”  Not “Someday I will go to Paris” or “Someday I’m going to write that book” or “Someday I am going to buy that Porsche.” 

So why can’t we have fun everyday?  We all live stressful lives, now more so than ever, with the economy still in its recovery, property values slowly creeping up, and the tax laws in flux.  And yet the words of a 5-year old are simple and understated yet thoroughly inspiring. 

That brought me to my New Year resolution and yes, as I said earlier, I will fail at it, it is a foregone conclusion.  My resolution is to try to have fun every day.  It is going to be tough; it is going to be challenging.  I am going to fail.  It is destined to happen.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have bad days; it is a fact of life.  But it is how we respond to those bad days.  Do we sulk and stew in misery or do we find the silver lining and look forward to the next day with an affirmation and commitment to having some fun?  It is a simple adjustment in one’s mindset, but can have a tremendous impact on life.  Not only will you enjoy life and look forward to the sun coming up each day (or the snow coming down) but you will be healthier, will smile more, will laugh more, and will succeed more.  If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

Now that I have that resolution, I need to think of fun things to do.  If I am going to do something fun every day, I need to find little things that may take only a few minutes, but can have the impact on the day that I need.  It may be a quick game of solitaire on the computer, watching some funny videos online, playing checkers with my daughter, or even changing a poopy diaper.  They all are fun in their own way and makes the stresses of life more bearable.

My friends– I want you all to have some fun…  and a fantastic 2011!


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