You see a lot of interesting things in Las Vegas, things you may not see anyplace else in the world.  You can go to Las Vegas and sit in one spot for hours, never move, and see all manner of humanity walk by your seat.  This weekend, while in Las Vegas for a weekend getaway, I saw something amazing.  And no, I didn’t have to pay to ration out dollar bills to see it.  

Every once in awhile I am reminded about how life can be so cruel sometimes.  Innocent people dealt crappy hands (Las Vegas pun, I apologize) and life being turned upside down.  The simplest tasks now become impossible as paralysis rears its ugly face.
Friday night while sitting in a lounge with some friends, I saw a group of guys, maybe in their mid to late 20’s, hanging out at a bar table, hollering and whooping and having typical Las Vegas fun.  Included in that group of guys?  A guy in a wheelchair.  But I am not talking about a guy just in a wheelchair because he can’t walk, I am talking about a wheelchair that has the bells and whistles, and none of them good.  Hoses and connections to help him breathe; a joystick to help him move; and a head-rest to keep his head immobile. 
We see tragedy everywhere and it is easy to look at tragedy and think that things will never be the same.  And they won’t, there is no doubt about it.  But this group of guys seemed to be making the best of it.  This wheelchair bound individual was not being treated differently, was not being catered to like he was an invalid.  He was being treated probably the same way he was treated before he became wheelchair bound (if in fact his disability was a result of an injury, an assumption I made, I accept that; but it is my dream world and I will see it any way I please.)  And other than wiping his nose when it needed it, the guys never seemed to treat him like anything other than one of the guys, just like everyone else.
I was incredibly taken by this scene.  There are many different ways to deal with tragedy.  This group of guys could have simply said they were sorry about what happened and went on their way.  But instead, it seemed that the guys dealt with this tragedy with dignity and sensitivity.  And I felt so touched by this whole scene.
Makes me wonder how I would deal with a situation like that.  I may have created a fiction-world in my mind, but I happen to like what I think I saw.  And since I saw this on Friday night, it really was a great way to start the weekend.
Hopefully this will be a great way to start the week.  Have a great one.