We talked a little bit about this before, but I was reminded yet again this past weekend of the power and the fun of family.  A weekened in Las Vegas can do that to you,  especially when you are there celebrating a birthday with your wife and daughter, your mom and dad, your twin and his wife, and your grandmother.  Four generations partying in Sin City; not specifically there to gamble, not to drink, not to sight-see, just to be together. 

 And while we were there, I did get a little bit of work done, specifically coordinating deposition dates in a trust litigation matter I am handling.  It was at that point that I was struck with a marked dichotomy.  I was in Vegas with my family celebrating while I was scheduling depositions in a matter brought by three children against their very own father.  Now, before you begin taking sides, I will not tell you who I represent.  In all fairness, it doesn’t really matter for our purposes.  What does matter is the realization, yet again, that not all families are like mine.  Dysfunctional seems to be the norm these days.

 Any chance things will change?  Probably not.  I have no solutions for the dysfunctional families (and I am sure my family law attorney friends would wish that if I did have suggestions I keep them to myself) but nevertheless it is something that is prevalent these days and will hopefully keep me in business for a long time.  Sure I complain about it, but it does provide a source for so much more business.  Dysfunctional families do not get better when the parents die.  In fact, they frequently get worse.  And mind you, these dysfunctional families are not a result of broken marriages.  My case involves a husband and wife married for over 40 years. 

 I have no answers, I have no advice.  In fact, I am not sure that I even have much of a point this week.  I was just thinking this weekend of how things turn out the way they do.  Why do some families succeed famously while others fail so tragically?  If you have thoughts I am interested and I am sure a publisher out there could turn it into a million-copy selling book.  But for me, I won’t ask questions and I won’t make recommendations… this week.  I will just live.  Some things are better unexplained and unquestioned. 

 Have a great week.