Happy December 7th! Take a second to remember the thousands of servicemen who were killed in the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor on this date in 1941.

If you have been reading these past weeks, you probably have wondered why I am so intense in my emails. Well, in all honesty, sometimes the emails just plain write themselves. I get an idea and then I am off and running, wherever my keyboard takes me.

So for this week, I thought I would diverge slightly and confess to things that I am either ashamed of or that you would be surprised to know about me. Please do your best to not view me in a different light because of the things you are about to learn.

1) I am not a fan of Law & Order or any of the other legal dramas on television. I typically don’t even like legal thriller movies. Ok, so I admit I did enjoy “Jury Duty” with Pauly Shore, but otherwise, watching these shows and movies gives me the feeling that people have been following me with cameras and taping my life. They are just too real…

2) I would be very hard-pressed to name songs performed by the following bands: Pink Floyd, Phish, The Grateful Dead, Rush, Tom Petty, Steely Dan, James Taylor, and John Lennon. I am a huge fan of music, but these artists never found a place in my catalogue. Although I can name every song performed by the Bee Gees.

3) In keeping with my musical confessions, I have probably been to over 100 concerts in my lifetime but have never seen Bruce Springsteen or U2 or The Rolling Stones or Metallica. I have seen The Suicide Machines and Rocket From The Crypt at least ten times, in toto. Isn’t five Suicide Machines concerts equal to one Eric Clapton, or something like that?

4) I am a huge fan of movies but I have never seen the following: Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 24th Street, or Lawrence of Arabia. I have seen Caddyshack 2 multiple times, though, so that qualifies. And, this being the holiday season, my favorite Christmas movie of all time is Die Hard.

5) I am an avid reader, as you may recall, but I haven’t read any of the following books: The Catcher in the Rye, The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby, Animal Farm, or To Kill A Mockingbird. I have read, however, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats which I am sure is on all of your Top 10 lists.

6) I actually understand the infield fly rule: With men on first and second, or first, second and third and less than two outs, a batter hits a fairly hit fly ball which an umpire, in his judgment, feels should be caught by an infielder, the batter is automatically out and the runners may advance at their own risk; however if the ball is caught by the fielder, the runners must tag up before they may advance. The infielder does not need to actually catch the ball for the batter to be out. (Had to throw some baseball in there, right?)

7) When I was 5 years old my mom and dad took me to see “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” instead of “The Fox and The Hound” like I wanted. I am glad to see that Raiders of The Lost Ark has fallen into obscurity and The Fox and The Hound won all of those Academy Awards. Who was right, huh mom?

8) My favorite landmark to visit is the World’s Tallest Thermometer in Baker, California. Of course, I haven’t seen the World’s Largest Ball of Twine yet. Darwin, Minnesota, here I come!

9) When I was in 8th grade I got kicked out of Student Government because I could not color inside the lines.

And finally…

10) Two weeks ago I paid for a soda with a Canadian coin. This one really flummoxed me. Was I wrong to re-introduce the Canadian coin into United States commerce? Seriously, how did I get the Canadian coin in the first place? Someone gave it to me as part of change on a purchase. So who was I to deprive that coin of its rightful place in United States currency?

Please forgive me for all of my transgressions… and have a great week.