Well friends, the time has come. Eleven weeks, eleven emails, eleven new things to say. You knew it would happen, you hoped against hope that it wouldn’t, but alas, there was no hope. Writer’s block has reared its ugly head.

Yes friends, my usual practice of writing my email on Friday afternoon was altered by my attendance at the Dodgers playoff game, err, I mean, my sickness… So it is now Sunday evening and I am raring to go with the next email, but I’ve got nothing.

Amy and I were on our way home from a play (Guys & Dolls at Thousand Oaks, go see it) with Brooklyn snoring in the backseat and I joked that I had nothing to write so I was going to stand in our library until inspiration hit me. She suggested that I also peruse the LA Times and Santa Clarita newspaper, for inspiration is everywhere. And that got me to thinking. Inspiration IS everywhere.

I get my inspiration from lots of different places. My daughter’s giggles, my wife’s loving smile, a good book, and sometimes a loud and screaming heavy metal song. And it is these types of inspiration that motivate me to be better and to work harder. But similar to our discussion last week, I get my inspiration from observations of other people. I take the good with the bad. I see the best and worst in people and use them as guiding lights for how to live my life. But whatever the inspiration, the missions are the same. Grow, learn, and improve.

And yet, it is easy to forget what is inspirational about life while trying to get through life’s challenges. So I try to take a breath every once in awhile to regroup and refocus and see the big picture, establish that life is a forest, not just row after row of trees… Who knows, maybe one of you will be the inspiration this week for me to navigate further into the forest. Any volunteers?